Friday, September 19, 2014

Vacation blogging

Portland is beautiful we have enjoyed it so much the tugboat it's very cute that were staying on. But I have to admit that the airplanes flying overhead are a bit troublesome and incredibly loud ... so loud they drown out the television!!! But staying on a tugboat has been an experience. I have been walking a lot getting all of my 45 minutes in most days

I didn't get them in yesterday though 😔😔 

Food is spot on and on point and I am excited and hoping to see a loss this week. A blogged about it in my last post... About something just clicking like all of a sudden I'm done!!! I'm done!!! I'm done I'm ready to be back in my size 4-6's again. I'm ready to have more choices than three every morning ... It is really a bummer when you look in your closet and nothing fits so that's okay for right now I'm doing the right things and I'm eating correctly and working out and it takes time and I'm good with that

Not too much time though 

I'm sitting on the deck of the boat did you see the airplane up in the corner of the picture .... it's like the eighth one that's gone by this morning already i'm surprised the rest of my family is not awake! 

Today we are going to breakfast which will be easy choices - egg white omelette

I'm having protein in my coffee this morning and I'll have a shake or two later

The family BBQ will be a bit challenging but I will stop and get a Single Serving salad and just be selfish and eat it because I am not gonna blow my diet today!!! 

I am feeling very focused and on track 

Later tater's

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