Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ya know what I mean?

When you pig out and the scale is forgiving... 
ya know what I mean? 

I am experiencing the opposite 

It's like this is REAL weight not that "water weight" 

I am on a journey to go from this 

to this 

no not a GIANT difference but Giant to me 

so this morning scale report... 

dang like WTH!!! 

okay okay okay ... chill out Karla

this is a lifestyle not a diet and it takes time 

yesterday I totally ate on plan 
did core and cardio in the morning, burning a crap ton of calories 

so me and the scale .... well 

OMG I am such a friggin liar ... I will so be on it first thing in the morning... It is who I am 

obsess much!!?? 

so today is another chill day 

yep I got this 


see ya 


  1. Thanks for the How My Brain Works cartoon, me too! The weather is better so you can get out of the house without melting, and enjoy setting up your days without work in the way, lol. It is a "life style for a lifetime," and you've got it!

  2. Oh, that scale can be so unkind and so unfair. Then, sometimes it's surprisingly generous. We can control our life style and what goes in our mouth, but we cannot entirely control the scale.


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