Tuesday, October 7, 2014

back in the zone

yah know how weight loss goes? 
for me I wake up and decide today's the day 

but unfortunately there were only about a million restarts... but I felt (feel) that way every morning 
but something just "clicked" 

and. I. AM. BACK!!! 

3 shakes
3 meals a day 
and I have regained my mojo 

I watched the movie Fed up 
and I have cut out added sugars 
and wow no food cravings 
no more night munchies!!! 

I just feel so danged better!!! 
still in my size 10's... they are loose though 
I have a ways to go to get back into my 4-6's 
but I will do it
consistency is key 

ahhh Karla kung foo diet master 


Seriously Karla!! 

later bloggity pals 

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  1. Thank you, you are helping me keep going. And I always love the illustrations!


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