Sunday, November 9, 2014

Goals, a few of my goals

so lets get this out there
I am 55 people... yeppers I know you thought I was 25
no okay for sur 35?

ah no??? okay okay 45??

okay now I am discouraged... you all knew I was 55....

oh dang!!

any whoosle... I have to think about retirement and I want to be healthy as a friggin horse! so I am a bit food and fitness obsessed... plus it's my thang and I am into it so


so I have become a bit OCD since my kids have moved out... house needs to be uber clean, laundry done.. tidy tidy tidy and I am a bit
 (er.... read A LOT!!!) of a counting freak 

so it is 18 FULL days until Thanksgiving and I want to enjoy my day with no guilt that I have derailed my diet 

18 days girl... duh... didn't you just read .... lol 

so here is my plan 

18 days full force 
all in 
no cheating 
only 18 days 

ya in? 
can I, you? us? we? 
can this be done 

----> insert Arnold voice 

I don't want to be going to the gym the day after Thanksgiving feeling like this!! 

So today and tomorrow are ball busting work days for me 
3 shakes 
3 mini meals 
duh per day...

and accountability tomorrow night  

lets do this people!!! 


  1. OMG Karla - I'm with you!!!! 18 days!!! I've been thinking about Thanksgiving and wondering how I'll handle it. You've got a good plan here and I'm gonna copy you.

    That's where our similarities end. Since my kids left home, I no longer care about the house!! There's no OCD on cleanliness HERE! lol

    And yannow - I'm shocked, just SHOCKED! I didn't think you were a day over 25! Okay another similarity - I'm 53 and want to have a healthy, active retirement - if I ever get to retire!


  2. You can do this! It's funny you mention Thanksgiving; last night in bed before sleep came, I was starting to think about the T-day dinner fare. Starting to decide what I want to consume, and that which I don't. I was planning to have a little gravy, which I dearly love, but I've decided I don't want to feel like shit the next day, and gravy (and stuffing) -as much as I love the tastes-WILL make me feel like shit both physically and emotionally (the guilt) afterwards,, the rational me is saying 'screw that! not worth it!' I can enjoy turkey day and NOT have the grain-based foods that make me feel bloated and uncomfortable and mad at myself. I can wake to a Black Friday having slept well the night before and guilt free to boot.

    Everyone has to make their own choices, of course, but that is what is going to work for me this year, anyhoo. If you care. (probably don't, and that's ok. LOL)

  3. Thank God Canadian Thanksgiving is OVER! I'll let you Americans stress out! You've navigated the holiday before and you will again. I wish you a guilt free celebration of all things good!


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