Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hello thar

been boring around here lately 

same ole same ole menu 

egg whites
3 ounces chicken or turkey and veggies 

OMG you are so skinny Karla!!!! right??? 


so I moved the candy from the kitchen to my husbands night stand 

did that help?? 

oh Paleese!!! 

(that's please drawled out.... derp) 

so today it's back to the gym and shakes and egg whites 
but the good news is I am still down 10 pounds 
153 this morning down from a high of 164.7

When I am feeling comfortable and like I am all that 
it's hard to kick myself into gear 

it was strange .... yesterday size 10 pants 
BUT my belt was back on my size 6 notch 

chilling here that's me 

and gearing up for the holidays in retail 


and I WILL blog more bloggity family 

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  1. Yay to blogging more. You're one of my favourites!


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