Monday, November 10, 2014


I have been reading a lot of posts this morning 
can you spell insomnia? 

someone (and I apologize for not tagging your blog... I read A LOT of blog's this morning) mentioned about sugar being an addiction and how they made it through a few days of major sugar cravings and looked at it as abstaining from an addictive substance .... I will try and remember this next time I am FREAKING out at work and reaching for the chocolate covered peanuts 

then there was the blogger that posted about having a turn around and losing but not reaching a goal but needing to focus on the journey 

we all have similar stories and journeys 

reading that you struggle with the same issues I do makes me feel like I am not alone and I am.... dare I say.... NORMAL!!! 

so it was nice... 

a few of yesterday's food pixs 


my creamer, I always do 1/2 unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 SF creamer

of course ... egg whites  

prepped meals 

Fage, 4 whites, 3 oz turkey broccoli and SF BBQ sauce 

and I had tried those new Quest chips... they were good for a snack. Nice to leave the store and go over to the GNC and get a snack... get's me out of my store for a few minutes 

on the way home I picked up a child sized SF frozen yogurt 
yesterday was just under 1200 calories 
and it was nice to wake up 
(at the butt crack of the middle of the night ... boo sad face) 
and not feel the stiffness in my hands 
when I go all crazy with my food (and grains) I have MAJOR hand stiffness 
grains be evil for me 

so today may be a bit of a struggle 
got up way way way way too early but I will struggle through 
off tomorrow 

theme for the day: 

gotta love Sandra B!! 

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  1. I have the very same thing happen when I eat sugar - my hands and feet get all puffy.

    17 days!


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