Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thanksgiving Prep

I usually don't focus on my work on this blog...
it's about my weight

usually..... but

I am a grocery store manager

and maybe that explains why I am such a foodie
Thanksgiving is just 16 days away

Now in case you just flew in on a space ship.... this is the big season in retail

I am talking HUGE!!!!

You folks want your food...
we have list's and checklists and plans and data and organizing to do and all kinds of whoosie whatsit's to get straightened out and planned and organized... that sometimes

Thanksgiving is kind of anti climactic for me

Just can't help feeling thankful the freaking day is O-V-E-R

boo bad grumpy grouchy Karla

but when you come into my store of course this is what you will see on my face 

oh yeah gotta smile..

inside I am thinking.... always thinking
did they order those mashed potatoes?  
what about the egg order?
 did the pies come in?
 oh I have to call about the pop up turkey times... 
uh oh... he didn't shave... 
her shirt isn't tucked in... 
oh oh smile Karla... "hi... are you finding every thing okay?" 
uh oh... a conference call... 
oops gotta check my email... 
oh dang she wants WHAT day off? oh yeah that ain't gonna happen... 
smile... "I'll see what I can do" 

plus about a zillion more things racing through my mind 

a friend posted a link yesterday on my face book
so this holiday season I am going to TRY and slow down 
and enjoy the process 

I plan for it 
now just chill Karla and enjoy the process 

what does this post have to do with food and weight and fitness
freaking nothing 

okay now food 
all good on track 
fitness... gym yesterday and today also 
check check and check 

one request people 

be nice to people this Holiday season.... 

you never know what someone is going through 
you (insert me ----> Karla) 
don't know what some one else is going through 

love, peace and Chicken grease 

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  1. I liked your friend's post - a lot. I have to do this in traffic often - when someone's driving all crazy like, I have to think there's an important reason. It helps to chill the eff out on the road.


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