Sunday, December 21, 2014

2015 plans

What's your plan? 

any thing you want to do differently? 

less sugar?

lose weight?

eat better?
give up coffee?

no gluten?
low carb?
GMO free? 
more healthy fats?
more gym time?
build more muscle mass? 
be a better person?
get more sleep? 

stop kicking puppies and small children?

hahaha just kidding .... about the puppies...
I would never kick a puppy 

gee's pee's calm down people! 
I think I am going to set a few goals ....
totally measurable and attainable 
I think
New Years resolutions have never worked for me.... ahhh WRONG!!!!  
in 2010 I started this blog and lost a butt load of weight 

so I am still thinking 
What to do? What to do? 

get back to 138? 
keep my sugar under 40 grams per day to reduce those crazy binges?
eat more real food and less processed?
I shudder to think about giving up coffee.... 

no that's not going to happen
gluten = this for me

so that is already gone ... 
low carb? kinda/sorta... not really 

GMO free? oh please... I am getting too obsessive now! 
more healthy fats? definitely with the reduction of sugar and the more real; foods will naturally follow with more healthy fats 
more gym time? ... I have started Orange Theory and have upped my gym time so 4 days a week is kind of the norm for me lately ... helps with my stress ... which takes care of the next 2... leaner and more muscle mass as long as I stick to cleaner eating and reducing my sugar
ummmm I can be kind of ______ at times... need to really work on this one but the added gym time + the better eating = a better frame of mind = less nasty me 

more sleep? I have to keep my mitts off my cell phone at night 

puppies I love... 

Screaming small humans.... not so much
 and in my line of work I see a this EVERY. DANGED. DAY.   

so 2015 will be about:


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  1. It can be so overwhelming to think of all the things to improve! I have rarely stuck to any New Year's resolutions but always keep trying.

    I hope 2015 is very good to you and look forward to more of your posts!



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