Saturday, December 6, 2014

Confessions of a label junkie

I can't help it! I work in a grocery store for freakin sake! I read food labels all. day. long!!!

and labels lie!

this is Cinnamon coffee 
Caramelized sugar is in the ingredients 
but in the nutritional label zero sugar 
hummmmm a mystery..... 

lol ... I saw this on Instagram and it made me laugh 

and sugar in food ... sugar is soooooo addicting 
go ahead and Google it 
so you see this candy bar 

(annoying as all get out that it's posting pictures sideways and up side down)
and it has 24 g of sugar 

so you would think.... nah
I will go get me a yogurt
healthier right? 

can you believe that!!! 
32g in a yogurt!!! 

and isn't it uber duber interesting that there is no daily percentage on sugar 

watch the Katie Couric movie, Fed up 


yes I am that annoying cashier that is always reading labels on the food you buy 
I don't do it to offend... I am just a label junkie 

how did my day go you ask? 

oh well 
tomorrow is another day 


  1. I'm a label reader too; it's a real eye opener. I think yogurt is one of those foods that has a health halo around it. Everyone loves it and thinks it's so healthy but most are loaded with sugar. Just like the one you showed.

    I've seen other items listed as zero grams of sugar but the ingredient list also shows sugar. I think it's like when a product lists zero trans fat but the ingredient list has partially hydrogenated oil. As long as it's less than 0.5% companies are allowed to list it as zero. It's really misleading.

  2. Yogurt requires a good label view. Sometimes more sugar than that candy bar.

  3. Me too, even if sometimes I would like not to. (And on the other hand, that brand's lite yogurt has less junk in it than the other large-chain house brands.)

  4. Canada has made huge changes in their nutritional labeling so that the sugar intake is clear and honest. There is some criticism that natural sugars (in fruit) as being counted in the number too, as opposed to just added sugar. Anyways, I'm proud of the steps my country is taking.


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