Thursday, December 4, 2014

it's really all about balance

So this isn't going to be a post full of gif's 
or pictures 
or silly 

how about we just talk a moment? 

How have I been? good .. good... Thanksgiving was amazing... I am keeping my weight between 152-154 and that is my goal for the remainder of 2014

I have been working out twice-three times a week 

I am of course not doing enough cardio ... getting lazy.. and every night I say to myself ... self I say 

well I will work on that 

trying not to over-think EVERY. LITTLE. THING 

okay maybe just one or two gif's 

but I am so bad about analyzing every little thing! 

creamer for example... coffee mate sugar free? thin it with almond milk? so many chemicals in the Coffee mate... maybe just the almond milk... hack yuck nasty okay, coconut milk... how much sugar and carbs are in it? ok what about half and half? heavy cream, it's good fat right? but trying to cut down on the dairy, dairy is bloating, okay so heavy creamer, but I drink more cause it's so danged good! so I will skip my first meal, uh oh too busy to eat... noon and nothing ... chips, cookies, candy.... crap 

just buy the danged SF creamer next time psycho!!! 

a moment in time in my head 

exhausting isn't it!! 

and don't even get me started on the Gluten free vs gluten inner dialog 
or the no carbs vs carbs 

can't we all just get along? 

ahh that would be me, myself and I 
it's crowded there inside my head 


so just plugging along 
and come January I will push it into losing mode, but for now 
I am just relaxing and enjoying the holidays 


  1. Good on you for doing diet good. Today I took an off day. I had a double burger at Chili's, a small salad, some fries and a 22 ounce Scottish ale. For dinner I ate my wife's take home 1/2 burger from Chili's, with a thin slice of pumpkin pie and some spray whipped cream. There's always tomorrow. Keep up the inspiration!

  2. So exhausting! The same dialogue runs through my head on a regular basis!


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