Sunday, December 7, 2014

kinda, sorta not really

I was cruisin the net this morning and found what looked like a killer recipe for a breakfast bar 

I love the Lean Green Bean and she has some killer recipes 

so I looked at her ingredients for Quoina Breakfast Bar 

whole wheat flour... err I have coconut flour 
Quinoa... nope... I have brown rice though
oats... yes I have that 
nuts... oops I forgot ... but added coconut instead
baking soda ... check 
honey... how about maple syrup instead? 
2 eggs.... I did 4
craisins... no don't have them 
added a few scoops of chocolate protein... just cause 
it was super grainy so I added some milk 

well let's just say... no one will be knocking down my door for these 


with some vanilla yogurt and some added nuts they were good 
okay... maybe not GOOD good but ok...ish 

I am no Pioneer Woman 'nope
can't put a recipe together for nuttin 

but I will throw them in the freezer and have them with my yogurt 

so after they are all gone I will have to make the correct recipe 
it's gotta be better than these!!! 


update: they went into the garbage... they were awful 
Now I gotta make the recipe like she has it 

whata dope!!!

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