Tuesday, December 9, 2014

label junkie saga continues

artificial sweeteners have always confused me 
I mean you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know they are bad for you 
but which one is "less bad" 
not as harmful to yee ole bod? 
and brain? 

okay let's look at this... hummm Sweet'n Low 
#1 ingredient Dextrose 

oh wow ... now this looks healthier! Stevia ... 

#1 ingredient Dextrose
dang same ole same ole 
just a healthier looking marketing strategy 

okay now this has to be healthier!!!
everyone knows you choose the green packets always first...

#1 ingredient Dextrose 
well crap!!

now this HAS to be better
err ... ahh right? 

#1 ingredient erythritol
I see a Google search in my future!!

this beautiful pink Cottage cheese has always been the go-to brand of my family
I mean come on now people this HAS. TO. BE. HEALTHY!!! 
what the heck!! what is all those danged ingredients!!! 
the scariest I am thinking is "natural flavor" 
ahhh why do you need to add in a "natural flavor" 
isn't that called ... ahhh food? 
no just kidding
but ... she has opened my eyes to labels 

so now this brand is my go to brand 
yep label junkie 

then I picked up this little lovely 
same beloved pink label 
too many ingredients 
and check out those sugar's and carbs!!?? 

ignorance WAS bliss 

so things I am pondering.... 

I have also seen on Instagram 
...yep I am an Instgram junkie as well!!! 
any whoosle 
is a company called 
minimum order is $100
okay.... humm not too Gawd awful 
and looking at it I can build my own meals 
freeze some 
and now that it's just the hubby and myself cooking is a little 
he eats one way... I eat the polar opposite way 

so I may give them a try
my concerns.... 
do they recycle the containers? 
OMG!!! I am such a hypocrite!! 

as my Sister knows full well 
I do not recycle 
hanging head in shame 

but I do think about it

sorry this is such a long ass post 


  1. Hi Karla, great post! I am also confused about which sweetener is the best. I know none of them are really good for me but I still use them. I like Splenda (generic) so I just use that.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Daisy brand of cottage cheese. I also love the other brand but will give this a try.

    The cottage doubles always tempt me but you are right about the sugars and carbs being too high. I sometimes add sugar free preserves to my cottage cheese if I and add in.

    I don't recycle either and am really embarrassed about it. So relieved to know I'm not the only one! I will vow to try if you will!


  2. I finally gave up on sweeteners and went back to plain ole sugar.

  3. Great post!! Sugar in general has soooo many names for it. Businesses will do everything to make it sound like healthy sugar!


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