Saturday, December 27, 2014

looking back at 2014

I don't usually do serious posts 
and this probably won't end up 100% serious 

I didn't handle my stress very well...  is that grammatically correct? 

my work environment is different ... more stressful and demanding but it is making me better

I gained a few pounds 
about 5
really!? only 5!!

wow I would have sworn it was like 15!!! 
dang I feel better already!!

so in 2015 I would like to focus on managing my stress 
more gym time 

concentrate on just eating real food 

which for me is hard for some reason...
bars and shakes are quick and easy 
which is why I reach for them so much 
so I think I should also not be so hard on myself 

so much for a serious post 

try and choose organics on the regular 
grass fed beef 
cage free eggs 

and chill the heck out 


  1. I think you are definitely too hard on yourself! Five pounds is really not much of a gain; you'll have that off in no time.

    I don't handle stress very well either. I really envy people who cope well and without food. I wish it didn't make me feel better.

    I don't think bars and shakes are so bad really. When life is very busy, they are definitely convenient and there are so many good options available now.

    I wish you a wonderful, healthy and happy 2015! You are doing so much right; keep up all the good work!

  2. I like your serious posts! And gaining 5 pounds in a year is really maintaining. Now, you'll lose them. And in the future, you might see them again. In light of what you lost, a five pound gain is pure success. Everything in life that's important has ups and downs...relationships, jobs, our health, our finances and our weight! You are amazing and I'm proud to follow you. All the best for 2015!


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