Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Brain on Karla... aka your brain on crack

I have been reading labels lately 
oh and totally being obsessive about it also!!! 

yeah... my brain doesn't work in little increments 
obsessive all the way is kinda how I work 

so any whoosle 
I follow all these GMO people on Instagram
freak out because that's all I think about and delete them all 
kinda sorta how my Instagram account goes 
so my newest obsession is food labels, GMO's and organics 

but baby steps... right 
just got back from the grocery store.... yeah so what that it's only 6:30

OMG ... I get so distracted 
my son says I have adult ADT, or is it OCD? or ADD? or ADHD? 
dang that thing where you can't focus too long on any one thing 

sooooooooooo eggs 
yeah that was the idea today to talk about eggs 
focus woman!!! 
this has always been my go to 

but wait 
so today's find 

OMG my Sister will be soooooo 

but consistency is critical 
and the key to so much 
in both my personal AND professional lives 
so I have to make a commitment to only buy organic, free range eggs 
the vegetarian feed part kinda freaked me out 
OMG!!! GMO corn maybe??? 
told ya I am a bit of a freak!! 

sorry guys it seems like my posts are looooonnnngggg 

oh yeah and weight IS. NOT. GOOD. 
155.2 this morning 

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