Sunday, December 28, 2014

OMG enough already!

the diet/fitness industry is ... must be... getting ready for a spike in business and frankly it is pissing me off!! 

every social media site seems to talk about a detox or challenge starting in January ... and for a low low fee of $30 you can join and achieve your dream body 

ahhhh hooey!!! 

and sites, pages and people I follow and kinda .. sorta... well respected their views 
all starting and selling and cashing in on those holiday pounds we added 
or some of us added 
but again 

but I must say a few of them ALMOST had me hooked 
I was researching some of those meal replacement/cleanse 
thing a ma bobs 
no name 
but after seeing so many fill my feeds 
I am calling 

it has kind of made me mad frankly 
just do what you know works 
eat real food 
exercise and above all don't fall for their 

I am going to buy a new blender that I can make 
killer smoothies in 
ahhh not a Vitamix 
cause me be poor 

maybe some day 
I can drool and dream for now 

and I think I am going to try that food prep service 
I would love to snow you on how I am 
all in... totally dedicated ... focused 
motivated... inspired to achieve all my fitness goals 
but that would again be 

I am just plane ole lazy 

okay... in my defense... 
I am a busy busy busy gal and it would make my life a 
whole heck of a lot easier 
so once we buy the garage refrigerator in January 
I am going to give it a whirl 
but thats a future post 

so for today 
off to the gym and 
some grocery shopping 
I was out of coffee this morning 
I am drinking instant

I know ... right!!! 


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  1. Hey Karla! I'm on board with you and all the bullshit going around this time of year.


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