Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reward.... lost mojo

Sunday morning 
feeling "puffy" 
Cheesecake Factory... bled right into Cake and Candy Saturday

okay I have had some really really bad days... and usually that's not a huge deal, but when they string together ..... well lets just say 

Introducing.... Karla!!!!

so I looked into all these food prep, food delivery companies...
nah, no....
today I will food prep 
cause I think the actual process of doing the shopping, cooking, measuring and weighing out the portions helps to motivate me 
cause girl friend here... needs some HELP!!! 
send in the Calvary!!! 

in reflecting about 2014 
it has kind of been all about excuses 
I need to but on my big girl panties in 2015 and 
man up!!! 

I need to focus on what I can change and accept what I can't 
serenity prayer 
dang I kind have forgotten all about that prayer 
I think that will be my focus for 2015
the serenity prayer 

so today I am off 
I am going to try out Orange Theory Fitness 
they have Sunday classes Good point
they have come HIGHLY recommended  another good 
Not to far from home
so we will see 
I will recap in a later post 

Trader Joes for Egg white salad
Smart and Final for food containers 
Costco for Chicken, some veggies, frozen fruit...
eggs ... (yeah... whatever I think they sell some of the good ones... I will post about this later) 

and try and find my mojo 

Stop making excuses 
and own my choices 


  1. I love the quote on control! It speaks into where I am at. I can't imagine you without the food prep - you are the Queen of that area. Very inspiring. 2015 will give you continue success!

  2. You can do this Karla! I also hate that bloated feeling after overeating, if feels awful and is never worth the food I ate. It doesn't seem to prevent bad eating though!

    I first learned about Trader Joe's egg white salad on your blog and just fell in love, so thank you for that! Unfortunately, now I live in a very small town with no TJ's in sight so I have to try and make my own version. It's not nearly as good.

    Stay strong and have a good week. I'm pulling for you!



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