Monday, December 22, 2014

today's grub hub

I usually do Fitness Pal not every day 
 but today's grub: 

First coffee: I mix SF Carnation creamer equal parts to unsweetened almond milk 

I will make a shake for the drive to work : Whey, and  1/2 frozen banana and frozen strawberries blended with water... yummo!!!! 

5 egg whites ... and my mix of Oatmeal, hemp, flax and chia 

yogurt with an apple covered in cinnamon 

broccoli with a Garden veggie patty with some popcorn seasoning and 
I will put Amino acids on it also 
 which tastes just like Soy Sauce... minus the soy 

cauliflower smooshed
SF Walden Farms BBQ sauce and 3 ounces of chicken 

I keep frozen vegetables handy all the time (see above!) and I buy the Kirkland cooked Chicken breast meat from Costco and chop it up and freeze it into 3 ounce baggies for morning easy food prep .... also see above 

also new find at Smart and Final these white food containers
they are made of some sort of paper pulp 
use once and throw away 
no more million containers 
and not too costly either! 

keep hard boiled eggs always done 
and make my oatmeal into a GIANT baggie ..... 
I like it 1/4 cup oats... 1T hemp... 1T flax and 1.5 t chia... roughly 
so I just make it all out into a giant baggie and mornings I just scoop out a 1/4 cup and it's quick 

I don't want to have to think too danged much at 5 AM in the morning 

tootles have a kick ass day!!! 

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  1. You food always looks so good Karla! You've given me some good ideas as well with this post, so thank you! I love chicken so I"m going to make up baggies of it as well so it's always ready.

    Love the idea of using popcorn seasoning; I wouldn't have thought of it. Bet it gives a nice flavor without doing much calorie damage. Same with the Walden Farms BBQ sauce. I'm so jealous you have that! I love Walden Farms and look everywhere I go for the flavors I haven't tried yet. I will probably end up ordering them online.

    Love the food containers too! Keep up the good work.



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