Friday, January 30, 2015

whole 30 day 1 recap and thoughts

at this point... yeah I can't lie weight loss would be nice 
but I have to make peace with food 
I need some peace!!
so I made a ton of cooked veggies yesterday 
acorn squash 
sweet potato 
and pan roasted vegetable 

I also made a fritatta 
eggs, bacon, kale, onions and mushrooms 

found this little gem 

meal # 1

meal 2 
tuna, onions, avocado and organic mayo 
I looked at the ingredients in the mayo and it looked okay 
awe dang... I just double checked and it has soy 
also vegetables 

no cravings
no snacking 
boom take that sugar dragon 

oh and please keep in mind I am a grocery store manager 
so is tomorrow really day #1?
soy in the mayo 
nah day 2... remember this is about finding the peace of mind 
and balance 


Whole 30

gonna give this a try
no counting
nothing processed
more to follow
just eat real food
omg what a concept

the binging is kind of taking over
like uncontrollably
like I feel so dang defeated
can't even put together 2 days
I am starting the Whole 30 today
the "is it compliant" is kind of freaking me out
again more to follow

my heart is pounding some nights
I know it is from over indulging
I have to get this right and behind me
a lot is going on in my life this year
I need to feel that confidence again
I miss it
I need it
not just to fit into a size I want
not just to get to a number on the scale
but to have some peace inside my head
and to stop putting a value on everything I eat
downloading every possible food or exercise app available

just eat real food

sounds so danged easy, right?

so whats the catch?
we will see
go on this journey with me

I work up this morning feeling fat, achy, but hopeful
I made it though my morning coffee without my beloved CoffeeMate
I didn't fall over with no artificial sweeteners

3 meals a day, no snacks and eat real food until full

an no weighing myself for 30 days
no counting, or weighing out my food
no setting an alarm for when I need to eat

just eat real food

They say "it is not hard, fighting cancer is hard" or something along those lines

3 meals a day
real food
no snacking
no weighing myself
no weighing or measuring of my food

day #1

picture post tonight

Saturday, January 24, 2015

still here ... yeppers

still at it counting dem points 

oops wrong Count 

tee hee 

Weight Watchers does NOT go quickly, but I am okay 
with slow 

It gives me freedom to eat 
have some variety in my diet 
not obsess so much about my fitness
kind of relax 
and take it slow 
as long as I have a weekly loss 

got in 2 Orange Theory workouts this week 
today I am just going to go for a walk 
4 mile loop around the neighborhood 

yes siree 

just going slow 
the scale will come down 
oh by the way bye bye 1.6 pounds 
week one in the books 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's okay

I don't deal well with stress
I used to drown my sorrows.... 
ahh literally as in booze 

now I do food 

yep last night I had a date with massive amounts of popcorn 
and a rice cake loaded with Peanut butter 

but the good thing is 
Right back at it today 
I will still record a loss on weigh in day on Friday 
and I was reminded why I used to have massive amounts of Sugar free popsicles and 
sugar free jello in the house 

I stress out 

I have to be prepared to deal with it and not 
pretend I am someone I am not 

onward and downward 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

reality vs fantasy

reality: I started WWers Friday 1/16/15 (again) because I have regained 20 pounds 
fantasy: I have been eating to maintain my 60 pound 2010 weight loss 

reality: size 10 pants and none of my work clothes fit
fantasy: no one notices 

reality: weight loss takes time 
fantasy: what??!! my pants aren't loose yet... 
I have been doing this for what? 
.... ahhh 4 days 

reality: I am winded walking up and down the stairs all day long 
fantasy: I am winded because I am soooo fit and tired from all those 
work outs I do... it must be just fatigue 

reality: this is a SLOW process and it takes TIME
you have to put in the time and the results will be there for me 
stay off the scale, only weigh in once a week.... relax 
fantasy: what? I haven't lost those 20 pounds yet!?  

awe dang... 
yeah it is reality 
takes time 
stay off the scale 
keep going 
be nice to myself 
be patient 
be kind 
I will get there 

Monday, January 19, 2015

real quick

food good 
exercise good
need to get some sleep now 

egg white sandwich
Emily bites pizza and veggies 

morning smoothie 


tonight's exercise

nighty night  

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Recapping Sunday

4 egg whites on a bagel thin 
and an orange 

yes siree eee I demolished this here box of yumminess 


I got in a good work out today!!
47 minutes in the fat burning zone 
add green and orange = fat burning minutes 
or so they say 

came home and got my Ninja on 

frozen berry mixture
unsweetened almond milk 

love me dat Ninja 
high-Ya ---> smoothie time! 

yep I just went dork on yo ass 

okay okay... calm down Karla 
this broccoli soup saved the day today 
I might have had a few bowls ..... ah 3
BUT they are only veggies and broth 
cooked and blended 
super simple 

hubby made a grand dinner 
I didn't eat the stuffing 

the points were high today 
I need to hold it tight for the next few days to make sure 
Friday I record a loss 
with this new Points plus plan 
all the yummies 

have a high point value 
It's their evil plot to make us healthy!! 
frozen yogurt = 12 points 
Vitatops = 3 points 

that's okay ... 
I will figure it out 
BUT I will include my Fro Yo 
and a few Vitatops 
just not on the regular 
in it to win it 
Yo baby 


Saturday, January 17, 2015

#10 of 2016

in no particular order 
I made soup for a few days :) 
less than a point per serving 
winner winner 

stupid Costco samples 
1 cookie and 2 chocolate covered almonds 
I counted it as 4 points 

egg white omelette with veggies 
and fruit 

a bit of the hubby's hash browns 

Jicama, cucumber and carrot 

work out this morning 

protein smoothie after working out 
chia, whey, fruit, unsweetened almond 
milk and water 

the point calculator for Emily Bites bubble up pizza 
Karla style 


I also accounted for some strawberry faux 
ice cream I will have tonight 
Arctic Zero and strawberries in the Ninja 


Friday, January 16, 2015

I don't want to be a wreak

so back in 2010 and 2011 when I was doing amazing and blogging almost daily I used to read a few blogs 
and it always seemed these ladies were struggling 
like daily 
struggling struggling struggling 

and I used to wonder why? 

why did I read their blogs? they didn't inspire me but I was drawn to their posts... 
and it dawned on me 
it is like lookie loo's on the freeway 
wanting to see the wreak 

so as soon as I realized that I stopped following them and 
looked only for inspirational bloggers to follow 

guess what? 
 I have become that wreak!! 

that is all I can figure out why anyone would read this dribble of mine 
I have been struggling ALL of 2014 

then yesterday I rejoined (for the bazillionth time) Weight Watchers 
but it was strange .... it was an old user name I had from 2009
and it kind of showed me 
yeah so what if I keep trying Weight Watchers.... 
for some reason 1/1/2010 things just clicked for me 
kind of like a wake up call 

yo... wake up Karla 
it's okay to fall
it's okay to struggle
don't give up 
keep on trying 
you can do this stuff!!! 
then I saw this on Instagram and I retyped it for my refrigerator 
1 pound a week in 2015

  • Valentines day ….7 pounds lighter, I am loving it!!
  • St Patrick’s day ….11 pounds lighter, with the luck of the Irish I will make my goal
  • Easter ….16 pounds lighter, Won’t rain on my parade
  • Flag Day …25 pounds lighter, boy am I waving my flag now!
  • Independence day …27 pounds lighter, That’s a declaration of Independence from overeating
  • Labor Day ….36 pounds lighter, what a wonderful reward for my hard work
  • Columbus Day…41 pounds lighter, What a joy to discover what I can do!
  • Halloween …44 pounds lighter, and I didn't think I had a ghost of a chance!
  • Thanksgiving ….47 pounds lighter, I have soo much to be thankful for
  • Christmas … 51 pounds lighter, talk about being Merry!!
  • New Years eve 52 pounds lighter, It’s not a new year it’s a new me!!!


and it made me feel like I need to be easier on myself 
I can do this 

so here's today's food.... sorry for the long long post 

home made broccoli, cauliflower and carrot soup

egg whites on a bagel thin 

carrots, jicama and cucumber 

coffee creamer 


morning smoothie for the drive to work 

home made chicken enchilada's 


made "ice cream" with a few strawberries in the Ninja 

my digits for the day 
"sympathize Whet" is Dymatize Whey .... derp 
Trader Joe's Frozen chicken enchilada is a 
SWAG (stupid wild assed guess) for my enchiladas 
but I used Emily Bites recipe... kinda sorta ... not really 

and check out those activity points... 
and this is for a non work out day!!! 
Just from work!! 

tottles blogitty folks 

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