Saturday, January 17, 2015

#10 of 2016

in no particular order 
I made soup for a few days :) 
less than a point per serving 
winner winner 

stupid Costco samples 
1 cookie and 2 chocolate covered almonds 
I counted it as 4 points 

egg white omelette with veggies 
and fruit 

a bit of the hubby's hash browns 

Jicama, cucumber and carrot 

work out this morning 

protein smoothie after working out 
chia, whey, fruit, unsweetened almond 
milk and water 

the point calculator for Emily Bites bubble up pizza 
Karla style 


I also accounted for some strawberry faux 
ice cream I will have tonight 
Arctic Zero and strawberries in the Ninja 


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  1. I loved your last two posts. They are full of hope. And for the record, I have never viewed you as wreck! :)


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