Friday, January 9, 2015

2015 6th post

I got this article in my email and thought it was REALLY interesting 
take time and READ it
my first reaction was yeah yeah yeah 
but it was really interesting 
I didn't like how the author kept pointedly saying "women do this" like men are all knowing 
but anywhoosle 
it was a good read 

egg whites and oats with some SF syrup 

protein shake after the gym 
pineapple, mango, chia, water, unsweetened almond milk
protein and Ninja that puppy!!! 

broccoli, cauliflower, carrot soup 
and a turkey meat loaf stuffed red pepper 

I ate 2 of these before I put the brakes on! 

went for this instead 

turkey wrap 
all I could think about was food....
I have to get out of the house today
maybe a long long walk.... I am beat to heck 
I am going to give my muscles a day to rest but a long walk 
will do me some good 

so I get out of the house and where do I go? 
frozen yogurt of course 
Girl has a problem 
.... me be girl 

Trader Joes 
oh my Gawd so danged good 
it was zucchini fries (frozen section)
and Beans so Green (frozen section)
This dinner definitely needs to repeat 
but made a mistake and didn't have any protein 
which protein satiates 

Satiate Definition
  1. To satisfy (an appetite, for example) fully.
  2. To provide (someone) with more than enough; glut.
adj. adjective
  1. Filled to satisfaction.

this happened....
not too horrible
BUT I keep going into the refrigerator and adding 
more SF syrup 
that stuff is going into the trash today!!! 

and I finished Hubsters popcorn 


but good news is I have meal prepped like a Mo Foo this week 

all ready to go back to work 
I did try that meal prep service 
it came out to about $7 per meal 
I didn't think that was too bad (white containers) 
I will post about it later once I have tried 
but I am set for work for the next few weeks 

obsess much Karla??? 



  1. Hi Karla - I'm going to try my hand at meal prepping on Sunday. I've never prepped more than one meal before and that was like prepping a brown bag lunch the evening before. So a week's worth will be challenging for me. I'm sort of anxious about the upcoming workouts I have planned. Anxious as in how long will I keep at it. Anyway, keep on keeping on!

  2. Thanks for the article, it was helpful. Also the reminder about prepping for the week. My memory & attention span seem to decrease in opposite proportion as my age increases. :)

  3. I lost most of the big weight loss I had eating a meal plan system like the one above...and have used it intermittently to 'get back on track' or maintain during tough times. I'm thinking of doing a couple of weeks soon.

  4. I had to stop reading certain bloggers- the ones who were describing binges that read like "food porn".

    About twice a year, I go and clean my feedly. Sometimes I feel guilty that I made it. 40 years of being a food addict (started when I was six) and 40 years of sugars and grains when I needed to abstain.

    Then I remember, oh yeah... I did the work... I was very effective at tossing out what didn't work and being really, really honest about what did.

    I had to get super real about getting out the grains and sugars (my shrink in 2002 told me to, and you know what- I thought I knew better, but she had me dialed in... ;).

    Here's to doing what you have to do and 100% honesty about any binge eating, support that you need, etc. Onward. I still have to be really honest about myself. Meal by meal.

    I still weigh in at WW once a month to see a calibrated scale and the number the doc sees and health insurance sees. I'll be logging back on to "harvest " my weigh in deets and hopefully some food diaries... I can tell you being way, way too GOOD at WW was a road block for me... blogging on this soon...

    Keep focused. Every meal. Karen P.


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