Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#3 of 2015

yesterday went well 
kept in the food budget 
got in 2 work outs!! 

morning smoothie with protein 

turkey wrap 

broccoli and Ranch seasoning 

I had one of these with broccoli 
I want to be mindful; of my protein 
and not focus too much on just 
reducing calories 
but I do love them :) 

this is my newest obsession 

a fro yo 

carrots and cucumber 

and I had a protein shake after my evening workout 
chocolate coconut water 
a few scoops of Artic zero 
a scoop of chocolate protein 
and delishouness

I need to stay off the scale...
know I am going in the right direction 
just sometimes the slowness of the scale is discouraging 
January will fly by... a family members birthday 
February will be zooming... a big work meeting 
March... another birthday 
April anniversary month 

the time passes quickly so in this individual moment the number seems too much on the scale 
but give it time... 
I will get there 


  1. I feel bad asking you a work related question Karla, but what aisle would I find that ranch seasoning? I would love to put that on my broccoli. Please and thank you!

    I have got to stop reading your blog when I'm hungry; everything always looks so good!

    Definitely stay off the scale and be patient. I know, it's easier said than done. Your efforts will yield results.

    I know you can handle all those celebrations and the big work meeting that are coming up. Since they are spaced about a month apart at least you can get lots of on plan eating in in-between.

    You can do this Karla; stay strong!


    1. the Ranch seasoning is by the popcorn in your local grocery store. There's the butter flavor... yummo with Bragg's aminos and a jalapeno one also... never tried the jalapeno though


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