Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#4 of 2015

oats, egg whites and SF syrup 

shake after gym

egg whites, spinach and chicken breast omelet 
massive protein!!

fro yo


turkey meat loaf stuffed red peppers 
and acorn squash 

boo... bad Karla 
the Ranch seasoning from yesterday can be found in your local 
grocery store by the popcorn
butter flavor is really good with Braggs amino's 
totally replaced adding butter for me 
the Jalapeno one I haven't tried yet though... 

gotta run 
Orange Theory Fitness class this morning 
5:30 AM class 
yes I am cray cray
I want to get in 7 work outs in 7 days 
I did two on Monday so I can rest Saturday with the hubby 

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  1. Seven workouts in seven days? That's almost one per day. Way to go!


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