Thursday, January 8, 2015

#5 of 2015

I did Orange Theory Fitness yesterday morning at 5:30 AM 
made a chocolate, cherry protein shake after 

2 low fat Eggo's with a serving of 2% cottage cheese 

apple with cinnamon 

Dannon 80 calorie Greek yogurt with 1 tablespoon on Peanut butter 

turkey wrap 

this is some serious delishousness right here!! 

I have been seeing folks make soup on several social media sites 
so I Googled Clean eating broccoli soup 
and of course got a million recipes 
so here's what I did 
~~>Costco: big bag of broccoli and cauliflower 
~~>Vons: 2 boxes of vegetable broth and a 2 pound bags of real carrots 
peeled the carrots and put the oven on for 375
~~>put in a pan of cauliflower lightly oiled with olive oil and
 seasoned with Flavor Gods garlic seasoning 
haven't used the Flavor Gods enough to form an opinion (future post) 
~~> put in a pan of peeled carrots 
~~>baked carrots and cauliflower for an hour 
~~> large pot on stove of broccoli and the two boxes of vegetable broth
 and cooked until soft-ish
~~~> sauteed an onion 
~~> drained a can of white Northern beans
~~> threw it all together 
~~> diced the carrots after they baked so it didn't have huge hunks 
~~> not enough broth so I added a can of chicken broth
~~> cooked together for maybe another half hour
~~~ once all done and good and soft 
~~> used a mixer and emulsified it 

and I portioned out and got 
10 meals!! 

so danged good!! 
I had two bowls for dinner! 
and a few slices of the Hubby's roast beef 

I was feeling that familiar night craving's coming on 
and the Hubbster had the evil 
chocolate cake in the refrigerator 

so I threw half a pint of Artic Zero, 
strawberries a splash of milk
with a little water and made 

Strawberry faux ice cream  

on point day!! 
I may or may not have snuck a peek at the scale 
going in the right direction 
but weigh in is Monday 
tootles bloggity crew


  1. Yay to finding foods that satisfy like your fake ice cream! And,looking forward to hearing your scale report!

  2. you sure do like pickles! Good luck with your weigh-in on Monday.


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