Friday, January 16, 2015

I don't want to be a wreak

so back in 2010 and 2011 when I was doing amazing and blogging almost daily I used to read a few blogs 
and it always seemed these ladies were struggling 
like daily 
struggling struggling struggling 

and I used to wonder why? 

why did I read their blogs? they didn't inspire me but I was drawn to their posts... 
and it dawned on me 
it is like lookie loo's on the freeway 
wanting to see the wreak 

so as soon as I realized that I stopped following them and 
looked only for inspirational bloggers to follow 

guess what? 
 I have become that wreak!! 

that is all I can figure out why anyone would read this dribble of mine 
I have been struggling ALL of 2014 

then yesterday I rejoined (for the bazillionth time) Weight Watchers 
but it was strange .... it was an old user name I had from 2009
and it kind of showed me 
yeah so what if I keep trying Weight Watchers.... 
for some reason 1/1/2010 things just clicked for me 
kind of like a wake up call 

yo... wake up Karla 
it's okay to fall
it's okay to struggle
don't give up 
keep on trying 
you can do this stuff!!! 
then I saw this on Instagram and I retyped it for my refrigerator 
1 pound a week in 2015

  • Valentines day ….7 pounds lighter, I am loving it!!
  • St Patrick’s day ….11 pounds lighter, with the luck of the Irish I will make my goal
  • Easter ….16 pounds lighter, Won’t rain on my parade
  • Flag Day …25 pounds lighter, boy am I waving my flag now!
  • Independence day …27 pounds lighter, That’s a declaration of Independence from overeating
  • Labor Day ….36 pounds lighter, what a wonderful reward for my hard work
  • Columbus Day…41 pounds lighter, What a joy to discover what I can do!
  • Halloween …44 pounds lighter, and I didn't think I had a ghost of a chance!
  • Thanksgiving ….47 pounds lighter, I have soo much to be thankful for
  • Christmas … 51 pounds lighter, talk about being Merry!!
  • New Years eve 52 pounds lighter, It’s not a new year it’s a new me!!!


and it made me feel like I need to be easier on myself 
I can do this 

so here's today's food.... sorry for the long long post 

home made broccoli, cauliflower and carrot soup

egg whites on a bagel thin 

carrots, jicama and cucumber 

coffee creamer 


morning smoothie for the drive to work 

home made chicken enchilada's 


made "ice cream" with a few strawberries in the Ninja 

my digits for the day 
"sympathize Whet" is Dymatize Whey .... derp 
Trader Joe's Frozen chicken enchilada is a 
SWAG (stupid wild assed guess) for my enchiladas 
but I used Emily Bites recipe... kinda sorta ... not really 

and check out those activity points... 
and this is for a non work out day!!! 
Just from work!! 

tottles blogitty folks 


  1. when I started reading your blog you had organized food for the day, organized methods for planning and preparing, you cooked a lot of different things and allowed yourself fro yo every day and I think you seemed pretty happy. Fro yo was not even available for the most part in Georgia and now it's everywhere. I wanted cool , tasty fro yo with no guilt like you had. We change, we get relaxed and then too overly strict and relentless on ourselves.. me too here not just you . The fact is our bodies get older and don't act the same way they did before. Life is bigger than this food/body/ weight piece of it. I'm trying to figure it out and I hope you figure it out. Be gentle with yourself.

  2. You're not a train wreck Karla. I've gotten really good ideas for meals from your postings. You're honest and you keep trying.

    I stopped reading one blog after years that really had become a train wreck. The author became very smug and superior about her perfect eating and life. All the while she was regaining almost all her weight.

    Your goals seem realistic and I know you'll reach them.


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