Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's okay

I don't deal well with stress
I used to drown my sorrows.... 
ahh literally as in booze 

now I do food 

yep last night I had a date with massive amounts of popcorn 
and a rice cake loaded with Peanut butter 

but the good thing is 
Right back at it today 
I will still record a loss on weigh in day on Friday 
and I was reminded why I used to have massive amounts of Sugar free popsicles and 
sugar free jello in the house 

I stress out 

I have to be prepared to deal with it and not 
pretend I am someone I am not 

onward and downward 


  1. Here's to that downwards... and I'll be onwards right along with you.

  2. At least you chose healthier options. Popcorn and a pb rice cake can only do so much damage!

    Good job getting right back on track.


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