Tuesday, January 20, 2015

reality vs fantasy

reality: I started WWers Friday 1/16/15 (again) because I have regained 20 pounds 
fantasy: I have been eating to maintain my 60 pound 2010 weight loss 

reality: size 10 pants and none of my work clothes fit
fantasy: no one notices 

reality: weight loss takes time 
fantasy: what??!! my pants aren't loose yet... 
I have been doing this for what? 
.... ahhh 4 days 

reality: I am winded walking up and down the stairs all day long 
fantasy: I am winded because I am soooo fit and tired from all those 
work outs I do... it must be just fatigue 

reality: this is a SLOW process and it takes TIME
you have to put in the time and the results will be there for me 
stay off the scale, only weigh in once a week.... relax 
fantasy: what? I haven't lost those 20 pounds yet!?  

awe dang... 
yeah it is reality 
takes time 
stay off the scale 
keep going 
be nice to myself 
be patient 
be kind 
I will get there 


  1. It's so hard to be patient! It seems like it's so easy and quick for the weight to go on and takes forever for it to come back off.

    Stay strong!



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