Sunday, January 18, 2015

Recapping Sunday

4 egg whites on a bagel thin 
and an orange 

yes siree eee I demolished this here box of yumminess 


I got in a good work out today!!
47 minutes in the fat burning zone 
add green and orange = fat burning minutes 
or so they say 

came home and got my Ninja on 

frozen berry mixture
unsweetened almond milk 

love me dat Ninja 
high-Ya ---> smoothie time! 

yep I just went dork on yo ass 

okay okay... calm down Karla 
this broccoli soup saved the day today 
I might have had a few bowls ..... ah 3
BUT they are only veggies and broth 
cooked and blended 
super simple 

hubby made a grand dinner 
I didn't eat the stuffing 

the points were high today 
I need to hold it tight for the next few days to make sure 
Friday I record a loss 
with this new Points plus plan 
all the yummies 

have a high point value 
It's their evil plot to make us healthy!! 
frozen yogurt = 12 points 
Vitatops = 3 points 

that's okay ... 
I will figure it out 
BUT I will include my Fro Yo 
and a few Vitatops 
just not on the regular 
in it to win it 
Yo baby 


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  1. I used to eat those Vita tops when I was on WW. They sent me right to the bathroom! Ha ha...they were good for the scale.


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