Friday, January 2, 2015

well Hello 2015!!!

so here we go 2015

and here is last years digits

boo not as good as I thought

so back to accountability and boring asp posts about what I ate today

Santa didn't bring me a blender... So I used a coupon

and poof

look what happened!!! lol 

so today's food bag all packed 
I will make a killar Ninja shake for the ride to work 
frozen strawberries, protein, and half a banana 
mixed with water... killer!!

and my day's numbers 1291 calories 
I am going to start wearing my fitbit again
another work walking challenge coming up 
so I am curious how it will reflect on the numbers 
I am going to mainly focus on staying below 1400 calories on a daily 
basis... I think totally doable 
and the freezer is coming Monday 
so I think I will give that meal prep company a review 
next week
eeeekkkk!!! yowsa 
I am excited for a new year 

so here's to accountability in 2015


  1. Karla - I'm glad you got the blender you wanted. I love the goal pic - sounds like me in many ways.

    Happy New Year!! I'm glad you're here!

  2. What a great blender; hope you really enjoy using it.

    Your food looks really good and 1400 sounds like a good place to start.

    I love those Quest bars a little too much! Especially the cookies and creme so I had to stop eating them. Admire your control!

  3. That first graphic with the kid is hilarious! (My Goal for 2015...)


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