Friday, January 30, 2015

Whole 30

gonna give this a try
no counting
nothing processed
more to follow
just eat real food
omg what a concept

the binging is kind of taking over
like uncontrollably
like I feel so dang defeated
can't even put together 2 days
I am starting the Whole 30 today
the "is it compliant" is kind of freaking me out
again more to follow

my heart is pounding some nights
I know it is from over indulging
I have to get this right and behind me
a lot is going on in my life this year
I need to feel that confidence again
I miss it
I need it
not just to fit into a size I want
not just to get to a number on the scale
but to have some peace inside my head
and to stop putting a value on everything I eat
downloading every possible food or exercise app available

just eat real food

sounds so danged easy, right?

so whats the catch?
we will see
go on this journey with me

I work up this morning feeling fat, achy, but hopeful
I made it though my morning coffee without my beloved CoffeeMate
I didn't fall over with no artificial sweeteners

3 meals a day, no snacks and eat real food until full

an no weighing myself for 30 days
no counting, or weighing out my food
no setting an alarm for when I need to eat

just eat real food

They say "it is not hard, fighting cancer is hard" or something along those lines

3 meals a day
real food
no snacking
no weighing myself
no weighing or measuring of my food

day #1

picture post tonight


  1. Wow, I loooove the style you wrote that in!!!! Best post I've read yet!

    Good luck--youre free now! Best tip I have is to keep your environment totally clean. Clear out that kitchen of non-whole foods, and don't allow any in. You'll succeed:) Good luck!!

  2. The whole30 is a great thing! However- you must understand that weight loss is not the goal, nor is it a guaranteed outcome. In some cases weight gain is the result ::gasp:: Which is a good thing- the whole30 gives your body a chance to gravitate toward the state it needs to be as healthy as possible.

    Thin does not equate healthy. Your body knows what it needs to do as long as you give it the right tools to do so. So before you begin, you must be comfortable with letting go of weight loss as a goal. Because there is a chance you will not get that. You will have to learn to eat nutrient dense food which means eating egg yolks, and more fat than you would ever thought possible and learning to look at foods as tools for positive health.

    Good luck!

  3. Supporting you Karla! You've got to get out of the "can't put two days together" phase before it takes mine did and caused me to gain everything back.


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