Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reading for Inspiration

A gal I follow on Instagram showed this book she was reading

So I bought in on Kindle and I have been amazed!!! WOW!!!!

has made me think....

Do I (we) derail (since this is a weight loss blog) our own health goals because we are afraid?

Listen to people when they see our success when they say that we are taking it too far?

Let me think about this....

why would (have) I derailed my own efforts?

  • unwanted attention
  • fear of being in the spotlight
  • fear of regaining and what other people would say
  • fear of intimacy 
  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
I have done this! I can do this! Food provides no comfort for stress.... I have actually gotten on a reading kick and have ordered a few books from this Personal and professional Development web site 

I ordered 4 books 
  1. Half Full
  2. Stress is a Choice 
  3. Eat that Frog 
  4. Start Right Stay Right 
I work with a passionate individual that NEVER seems to lose focus, they are always driven... I have never heard them spew negativity, or the "poor me" syndrome... I need some of that!!! 

so read read read .... focus focus focus... and in reading the Motivation Manifesto I think I react a lot out of fear! I need to recognize it and work through it (I haven't finished the book.... maybe it has tips for this) 

Not my usual post .....

tootles bloggity peeps  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just to be clear

this is not a Whole 30/Paleo food 

and yes Karla 
if you eat it and no one see's 
it still counts

this kind of happened this morning 

so food is prepped

I think I will change my workouts for the next 2 days and go late 
on the way home 
so I won't be tempted to come home and do this 

so plan is laid out 

1. egg whites, avocado and fruit 
2. ditto 
3. chocolate chili and squash 
4. chocolate chili and green beans 
5 & 6 broccoli/cauliflower soup with 
baked squash and apple chicken sausage 

I made 6 small meals 
on the Whole 30 you eat only 3 meals with ZERO snacking 
just doesn't fit for my lifestyle

I was up this morning at 3:30

food prep, blog, get ready for work 
have an hour commute to and from work 
work a ten hour day 
so I am a busy busy busy gal 

but making it work in my world 
is all about attitude and a can do spirit 

I got stuff to do!!! 
but I am going to go forth and conquer today and kick some pattottee 

cause that's how I roll 

Monday, February 23, 2015

proof you are getting older

How do you know you are getting older? 

when you have no internet, call your cable company, cuss, call your son, call your cable company 

get all resentful because you haven't had internet for the last few days 

then realize the router isn't plugged in 


yeppers... I will be moving and a shaking well into my 80's 

more on my Whole 30 journey tonight... 

Friday, February 20, 2015

I am not a quitter

I am not a quitter 
I am not a loser 

I fall down, I pick myself up 
something doesn't work 
I may try it again, and again and again 
well I never said I was quick 

I may try stupid stuff, have crazy ideas 
but I am not a quitter 
I am a fighter 
and yes I get down 
I feel defeated at times 
but I set my mind to a goal 
and I work towards it 
I have heard, it's not a sprint... it's a marathon 

and yes I fall down 
get discouraged
take 10 steps back and have trouble seeing the path 
but I don't quit
I fight 
I pick myself up, dust myself off 
quiet the voices in my head that say I can't do it 
and read motivational blogs, stories, quotes 
anything that will help lift my spirit 

and I keep going 

because I feel fortunate that today I have that chance 
today I have a choice 
and I choose to feel hopeful 
focused, motivated 

Here's to a good day 
because every day is a chance at a new beginning 
a chance for a good outcome 
no matter what today brings 

it is all in my attitude and how I choose to look at the day 

I choose 
it's my choice 

How will you choose? 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

boo sad face

Whole 30 days = 17
binge = 1

boo sad face

I know any deviation from the food list is a no no for whole 30 but without a bit of balance I dove into deep ass water and went cray cray

don't even know what triggered me

so I am going to chill for a few days and not jump right back into Whole 30 and snoop around the Paleo blogs and see if I can find a little sumpin sumpin for nights

I used to make a faux ice cream out of just frozen strawberries, almond milk and sweetener and it totally satisfied me ... and the whole "suck it up thing".... well nah that doesn't work for me... I am living in whimp world

feeling like I let myself down

maybe I will just go back to having a shake at night with fruit, sweetener and some almond milk

sheesh everyone is like dialed in and I am still having trouble staying 100% committed ... but dang 17 days is a long streak!!! give the girl some credit!

I have a big asp meeting all day today and I am car pooling with a group of others, so I am going to chill today... eat restaurant breakfast along with the others... and I am sure the lunch they are serving contains salad

I like the Whole 30 I am just going to add the shake at night ...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday food prep day

today has so far not been a stellar food day 

eggs, hash brown and 2 slices of bacon 
which is all okay but I am sure the bacon had some added sugar 

banana with almond butter, and more nut butter and more and then oh yeah some more 

so I meal prepped 

green beans and cauliflower 

cooked cabbage 

acorn squash and a yam 

under all these onions, mushrooms, peppers and asparagus is some 
pasta sauce and turkey patties 

and hard boiled eggs 

oh and where all my tastes, tastes and tastes came from 
I had a jar of Nutzo... I didn't like the consistency 
too sticky 
so I had some raw hazelnuts, raw cashews and I 
bought some raw almonds... threw it all into the food processor 
added a bit of coconut oil
let it whirl for about 10 minutes 
awe dang 

total freaking deliciousness 

oh a side giggle note 

I am a grocery store manager 
I couldn't resist 

can't wait to wear it to the next district meeting 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Good Morning Bloggity folks

this would be me.... 

morning grub 
eggs with a has made from potatoes, onions and mushrooms

not all my foodie pictures just a few 

I spent my day off vegging in front of the boob tube 

watched Horns and some body builder movie on Netflix


and snacked some more 
but all W30 food 
I am feeling awesome!!!! 

Have a great day Ma Bloggity Peeps 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yo Yo Yo ma peeps

oh man... am I back to day #1 on the Whole 30
I broke 
I weighed myself 
I couldn't hold out 

but the SECOND I saw a "5" I jumped off the scale 
so it was like half of a weigh 
not an accurate scale reading cause I didn't let it settle 
so... that doesn't count ... right...

but I have stuck to the Whole 30 food list 100% .... wellllllll


The broth I used for my chili had yeast extract in it 

So I poped over to Whole Food to get a W30 compliant beef broth for the next batch of chili to make... and noticed ... of course after I got home.... Beef Broth "flavored" 

I mean come on now.... why is it so freaking hard to find FOOD with Food in it... 
with no sugar added 
 just danged food 


so any whoosle 

food pictures 

kind of how my breakfast's have been 
hard boiled eggs, avocado, berries with a bit of almond butter 

a typical day of food
packed and ready for a work day 
FYI... I work LONG LONG hours 
so this is an entire day's worth of food 

I stopped by Trader Joes the other day 
hard boiled eggs, coconut cream for coffee 
berries, apples, bananas, cucumber 
and a small vegetable plate 

I feel so much better 

another confession

I have been snacking... again not W30 approved 
perfect example: 
apple with almond butter
carrots and cucumber
banana with almond butter 

dang ... am I kicked out of the W30 club? 

nah.... I am staying!!! 

tootles bloggity peeps 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I am thinking perhaps

So I kind of did this back ass wards .... found the Gif's I liked and am going to try 
and make them work with my food pictures 
this will be interfesting 
can you tell I am a HUGE I Love Lucy fan!!! 

So Got up with the chickens and was STARVING by the time we hit breakfast 

but DANG look at that omelette HUGE!! 

Grocery shopping with the Hubster... and I used to grab chips or a bag of rice cakes... even a bag of the popcorn you buy on the chip aisle... we shared strawberries as a snack while shopping

I think Ethel is SOOOOOO right!! eating and food is my hobby!!

I couldn't eat all the omelette at breakfast 
so lunch was a repeat 
and uber weird ....
cabbage with it 

and totally spaced out in front of the boob tube for a few hours


woo hoo dinner bell!!! ding ding ding 

what I LOVE about this Whole 30 is I can totally eat with the Hubster 
dinner was pork tenderloin, squash and massive baked vegetables 

dessert ... guess who was pie and who was fruit? 

Yes the Hubster loves his apple crumb pie 

now it will sit 
he is the kind that likes it when he likes it
so one piece of pie and he is good 
Now me on the other hand 
just give me a spoon and that sucker would be history!!!! 

so grateful I have found the Whole 30
and the cravings for sugar are all but gone!!! 
no binge since I started 8 days and counting 

hummmm this could become a lifestyle and not just a 30 day thing 

blog post in memory of the amazing actress  
Lucille Ball 

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