Thursday, February 19, 2015

boo sad face

Whole 30 days = 17
binge = 1

boo sad face

I know any deviation from the food list is a no no for whole 30 but without a bit of balance I dove into deep ass water and went cray cray

don't even know what triggered me

so I am going to chill for a few days and not jump right back into Whole 30 and snoop around the Paleo blogs and see if I can find a little sumpin sumpin for nights

I used to make a faux ice cream out of just frozen strawberries, almond milk and sweetener and it totally satisfied me ... and the whole "suck it up thing".... well nah that doesn't work for me... I am living in whimp world

feeling like I let myself down

maybe I will just go back to having a shake at night with fruit, sweetener and some almond milk

sheesh everyone is like dialed in and I am still having trouble staying 100% committed ... but dang 17 days is a long streak!!! give the girl some credit!

I have a big asp meeting all day today and I am car pooling with a group of others, so I am going to chill today... eat restaurant breakfast along with the others... and I am sure the lunch they are serving contains salad

I like the Whole 30 I am just going to add the shake at night ...


  1. You're continuing to do amazing things. And your awareness is top notch. The strawberries, almond milk and sweetener dish you mentioned--oh my, I must try this.
    About the binge-- You've acknowledged it--it's done--and now you're moving forward in a positive way. I don't know if you remember--but I remember times when I would go off the rails and be gone and lost a very long time. Your awareness and commitment to taking extraordinary care will not allow you to casually ignore the dynamics in play.
    You're incredible, Karla. Thank you for what you do!

  2. I struggle with getting back on track after a wagon fall off too. One day is so small in the big picture though. You've acknowledged it and know exactly how to get back on meal at a time! Love reading your journey. It's inspiring to see you keep trying and motivates me to keep trying also! Wishing you peace on your path. Dani

  3. Sorry about the binge my friend. They happen. Forgive and move on. You have far more successful days than binge days under your belt!

  4. Can you do the shake without the sweeteners? Maybe add some figs or peaches for a bit more sweet. I'm so encouraged by your whole-30 journey. Love ya Sjs


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