Friday, February 20, 2015

I am not a quitter

I am not a quitter 
I am not a loser 

I fall down, I pick myself up 
something doesn't work 
I may try it again, and again and again 
well I never said I was quick 

I may try stupid stuff, have crazy ideas 
but I am not a quitter 
I am a fighter 
and yes I get down 
I feel defeated at times 
but I set my mind to a goal 
and I work towards it 
I have heard, it's not a sprint... it's a marathon 

and yes I fall down 
get discouraged
take 10 steps back and have trouble seeing the path 
but I don't quit
I fight 
I pick myself up, dust myself off 
quiet the voices in my head that say I can't do it 
and read motivational blogs, stories, quotes 
anything that will help lift my spirit 

and I keep going 

because I feel fortunate that today I have that chance 
today I have a choice 
and I choose to feel hopeful 
focused, motivated 

Here's to a good day 
because every day is a chance at a new beginning 
a chance for a good outcome 
no matter what today brings 

it is all in my attitude and how I choose to look at the day 

I choose 
it's my choice 

How will you choose? 


  1. Karla, that's the most fantastic post I've read in a long time. I echo every word.

  2. And that is why you're my favourite blogger! I choose to not be a quitter too, dammit! Hugs from freezing cold Canada! x

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I choose to not quit either. And for today, no wheat. (Because it's where I make some of my worst choices.)

  4. Have you heard of nom nom paleo? Made my way there this morning and she has a 30 day whole food thing.

  5. I needed to read this today Karla, thank you.



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