Sunday, February 8, 2015

I am thinking perhaps

So I kind of did this back ass wards .... found the Gif's I liked and am going to try 
and make them work with my food pictures 
this will be interfesting 
can you tell I am a HUGE I Love Lucy fan!!! 

So Got up with the chickens and was STARVING by the time we hit breakfast 

but DANG look at that omelette HUGE!! 

Grocery shopping with the Hubster... and I used to grab chips or a bag of rice cakes... even a bag of the popcorn you buy on the chip aisle... we shared strawberries as a snack while shopping

I think Ethel is SOOOOOO right!! eating and food is my hobby!!

I couldn't eat all the omelette at breakfast 
so lunch was a repeat 
and uber weird ....
cabbage with it 

and totally spaced out in front of the boob tube for a few hours


woo hoo dinner bell!!! ding ding ding 

what I LOVE about this Whole 30 is I can totally eat with the Hubster 
dinner was pork tenderloin, squash and massive baked vegetables 

dessert ... guess who was pie and who was fruit? 

Yes the Hubster loves his apple crumb pie 

now it will sit 
he is the kind that likes it when he likes it
so one piece of pie and he is good 
Now me on the other hand 
just give me a spoon and that sucker would be history!!!! 

so grateful I have found the Whole 30
and the cravings for sugar are all but gone!!! 
no binge since I started 8 days and counting 

hummmm this could become a lifestyle and not just a 30 day thing 

blog post in memory of the amazing actress  
Lucille Ball 

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  1. The whole30 is the best! And not only are you helping out your mental health, your doing good things for every other part of your health! You will get to avoid a lot of those nasty "getting old" illnesses that so many of us think is normal.


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