Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Just to be clear

this is not a Whole 30/Paleo food 

and yes Karla 
if you eat it and no one see's 
it still counts

this kind of happened this morning 

so food is prepped

I think I will change my workouts for the next 2 days and go late 
on the way home 
so I won't be tempted to come home and do this 

so plan is laid out 

1. egg whites, avocado and fruit 
2. ditto 
3. chocolate chili and squash 
4. chocolate chili and green beans 
5 & 6 broccoli/cauliflower soup with 
baked squash and apple chicken sausage 

I made 6 small meals 
on the Whole 30 you eat only 3 meals with ZERO snacking 
just doesn't fit for my lifestyle

I was up this morning at 3:30

food prep, blog, get ready for work 
have an hour commute to and from work 
work a ten hour day 
so I am a busy busy busy gal 

but making it work in my world 
is all about attitude and a can do spirit 

I got stuff to do!!! 
but I am going to go forth and conquer today and kick some pattottee 

cause that's how I roll 

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  1. There is no meal schedule on Whole 30.


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