Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reading for Inspiration

A gal I follow on Instagram showed this book she was reading

So I bought in on Kindle and I have been amazed!!! WOW!!!!

has made me think....

Do I (we) derail (since this is a weight loss blog) our own health goals because we are afraid?

Listen to people when they see our success when they say that we are taking it too far?

Let me think about this....

why would (have) I derailed my own efforts?

  • unwanted attention
  • fear of being in the spotlight
  • fear of regaining and what other people would say
  • fear of intimacy 
  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
I have done this! I can do this! Food provides no comfort for stress.... I have actually gotten on a reading kick and have ordered a few books from this Personal and professional Development web site 

I ordered 4 books 
  1. Half Full
  2. Stress is a Choice 
  3. Eat that Frog 
  4. Start Right Stay Right 
I work with a passionate individual that NEVER seems to lose focus, they are always driven... I have never heard them spew negativity, or the "poor me" syndrome... I need some of that!!! 

so read read read .... focus focus focus... and in reading the Motivation Manifesto I think I react a lot out of fear! I need to recognize it and work through it (I haven't finished the book.... maybe it has tips for this) 

Not my usual post .....

tootles bloggity peeps  

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  1. I recently read "The Marshmallow Test" a book about self control. Not terrible but probably wouldn't recommend.

    For me it's all fear... fear of the unknown on how my life would change if I was 150 pounds lighter. Facing that fear is still an ongoing struggle.


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