Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday food prep day

today has so far not been a stellar food day 

eggs, hash brown and 2 slices of bacon 
which is all okay but I am sure the bacon had some added sugar 

banana with almond butter, and more nut butter and more and then oh yeah some more 

so I meal prepped 

green beans and cauliflower 

cooked cabbage 

acorn squash and a yam 

under all these onions, mushrooms, peppers and asparagus is some 
pasta sauce and turkey patties 

and hard boiled eggs 

oh and where all my tastes, tastes and tastes came from 
I had a jar of Nutzo... I didn't like the consistency 
too sticky 
so I had some raw hazelnuts, raw cashews and I 
bought some raw almonds... threw it all into the food processor 
added a bit of coconut oil
let it whirl for about 10 minutes 
awe dang 

total freaking deliciousness 

oh a side giggle note 

I am a grocery store manager 
I couldn't resist 

can't wait to wear it to the next district meeting 

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