Monday, February 2, 2015

W30 #4

so here is today's food 
I have a long asp day today 
work 7:30-5:30 
an hour commute both ways 
and an hour of Orange Theory tonight 

cucumber, avocado, cinnamon apple
banana and I will drizzle some almond butter on the banana 

sausages (W30 approved) 
with cabbage and bit of ghee 

the last of the egg fritatta breakfast 

I made soup (lunch) 
I will eat it... I have an entire crock pot full!!
It's just meh 
not super duper yummo 
onions, squash, broth and chicken 
I threw some ghee in it this morning 
just a bit.... to add some fat to my lunch 

tonight for after Orange Theory 
for the protein 

yesterday I snacked 
boo sad face 
but it was pineapple 
and a SMALL handfull 
of macadamian nuts 
not the old Karla behavior though where I went back 
again and again and again and again 
just a small handfull 

and then my hubby made popcorn last night 
and I said no.... 
OMG who am I? 

yeah me 

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