Saturday, February 7, 2015

W30 #7

I am seriously loving this 

can't lie EVERY SINGLE morning without fail I am Jones-ing to weigh myself 

but once I have that first cup of coffee... anxiety gone 
cause REALLY now... it's a rule
you HAVE to weigh yourself first thing in the morning or you have to 
subtract like what? oh at LEAST 5 pounds 

so onward... 
breakfast: hard boiled eggs, avocado, apple, blueberries 
and some almond butter 

that squash, chicken soup I made and I threw in some green beans 

just veggies 

 dinner cabbage and Costco aidells chicken and apple sausage

add some coconut milk in my coffee, a hard boiled egg last night after the gym
and a handful of macadamia nuts 

food all done 

What has really been nice is my late night binge monster has not reared it's ugly head  

also I have consumed ZERO artificial sweeteners 
My Sister and Son will do a jig on that one 
they were always concerned about the amount I consumed 
can you say SWEET coffee!!

so on to day #8 
I have some food prepping to do today 
I work half day Thursday and not off again until next Sunday 

so prep prep prep today!!
tootles bloggity folks 


  1. Good to see you in this confident place! I think it's important to like what you're doing to lose weight, and you are liking it! After all, why would you continue what you don't like? I am inspired by your food prep...going make a giant pot of soup for lunches this week.

  2. Loving your sense of humor! Excellent food pics. Chicken sausage has me all a buzz...where can I find this? I'm googling...I'll find it! Your food prep skills are pro. Have a great Saturday!

    1. They have the sausage at Walmart. Quite expensive at any store but we love it and buy it occasionally.

  3. Sorry, I saw Sean's question and forgot to comment on how well you are doing. I'm so glad that the binge monster is currently in control. I know that monster well and do not like one little bit! Keep on keeping on. :)


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