Sunday, February 1, 2015


recap of yesterday 
Things I love about this so far 
no weighing, or measuring of my food 
no app's where I have to enter everything 

now the whole no weighing myself for an entire month is going to be hard 
but I feel so much calmer about my food 
so already I am feeling positive results 

we had to wear a football shirt to work 
shirt? or dress ... 

I have rediscovered Almond butter 
on a banana 
so so good 

Tuna, mayo and avocado and salsa 
and veggies with Ghee 
I am ging to try making my own mayo today 

veggies, the chicken apple sausages 
and an apple 

weird weird weird 
no cravings...
I did have a headache yesterday 
not screaming 
but that could be withdrawal from the artificial sweeteners 

I am not going to go cray cray and all 
whole 30 mania
3 meals, no snacking 

just eat real food 
follow the program
read my labels 
and we will see 

1 comment:

  1. Love your food choices!

    The obesity Dr. I follow always cites that it is proven time is better spent reading food labels than in a spin class! Amazing fact.


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