Thursday, February 12, 2015

Yo Yo Yo ma peeps

oh man... am I back to day #1 on the Whole 30
I broke 
I weighed myself 
I couldn't hold out 

but the SECOND I saw a "5" I jumped off the scale 
so it was like half of a weigh 
not an accurate scale reading cause I didn't let it settle 
so... that doesn't count ... right...

but I have stuck to the Whole 30 food list 100% .... wellllllll


The broth I used for my chili had yeast extract in it 

So I poped over to Whole Food to get a W30 compliant beef broth for the next batch of chili to make... and noticed ... of course after I got home.... Beef Broth "flavored" 

I mean come on now.... why is it so freaking hard to find FOOD with Food in it... 
with no sugar added 
 just danged food 


so any whoosle 

food pictures 

kind of how my breakfast's have been 
hard boiled eggs, avocado, berries with a bit of almond butter 

a typical day of food
packed and ready for a work day 
FYI... I work LONG LONG hours 
so this is an entire day's worth of food 

I stopped by Trader Joes the other day 
hard boiled eggs, coconut cream for coffee 
berries, apples, bananas, cucumber 
and a small vegetable plate 

I feel so much better 

another confession

I have been snacking... again not W30 approved 
perfect example: 
apple with almond butter
carrots and cucumber
banana with almond butter 

dang ... am I kicked out of the W30 club? 

nah.... I am staying!!! 

tootles bloggity peeps 

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