Monday, March 2, 2015

back to the future

I have been reading my blog posts from 2010 
when I was in the losing mode 
and one thing I notice is the absence of protein shakes

I ate food 
counted points, tracked calories
weighed measured 
a lot of fruit and vegetables  
so in an effort to get back into my
 6's and out of my 10's 

I am going 

so real food, less processed foods 
cause I feel better when I eat REAL food 

I have been doing good 
so what happened with the Whole 30 you may ask? 
Too restrictive
I want a frigging yummy once in a while 
cream in my coffee 
yeah maybe I am addicted 

to sugar, wheat and grains 
but I lost the weight before 
I can do it again 
I have 142 days 
20 weeks and 2 days 
4 months and 20 days 
left in my work location 
and I want to feel comfortable in my skin with 
all the craziness that will come with that transition

so I read old posts 
see what worked 
mimic the old days 
so hold on 

here we go 

back to the future 


  1. Best use of GIFs in a blog post to make a point! :-)

  2. Great Post .Thanks for sharing.

  3. Keep holding on! We're going to make it through. I agree,some of these new programs can be so restrictive they are difficult to adhere to long term. Since they are so restrictive, we "cheat" and end up feeling guilty, so we over eat and the cycle continues.


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