Sunday, March 29, 2015

gone... where did it go?

it's gone 
I lost it 

can't find it anywhere 


lost motivation 
need to care again 
doctor said my sugar and cholesterol was a bit high 
not enough to warrant meds 
but enough to be eating better 

I need to get my act together 

gotta get back in the game 
163.6 this morning 


  1. Oh Karla - how I know that feeling. There are such seasons of life in this weight management thing. I wish I had the magic words to make that switch flip.

    I highly recommend the book, "The Diet Fix", by Dr. Yoni Freedoff. I am not pushing his agenda...he doesn't really have one except to see people break free from diet yo yo ing. Even if you don't agree with every point he makes, he addresses issues like you are describing. I felt he spoke right into my life of up and down and up and down. It's worth a read. For the record, it's not an eat this, don't eat that book. It addresses far deeper principals than what you put in your mouth.

    I'm rooting for you! You're in this for life. This season will pass.

  2. Have a pizza and beer and start over tomorrow...if that's what it takes. FYI, when I started my fit to fat campaign you were one of the first dozen or so blogs I found inspiring. The picture of you at 200...ish shaking hands with someone, and finding out your job was manager at a grocery store...where you are completely surrounded by food...I mean...I was very impressed with all you have accomplished. You have every right to be proud of the incredible shrinking woman. You had that fire in the belly feeling that made you hungry to reach and achieve your weight loss goals. We all backslide, at least those of us that don't walk on water do. Even though we don't really know each other...I'm proud of you for showing me it can be done. Thank you Carla!

  3. Oh hon, when you find that motivation let me know where it had hidden and I'll pick some up too! Mine is a decidedly on the lacking side too right now, so I really empathise.

    However, spring is here and the only way has to be onwards... let's get back in the game together.


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