Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello 2016!!!!!

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Karla... wow what an amazing year 2015 was! highs and lows for sure (like most years) you definitely stressed your ass off over the closing of your Oxnard store, and the opening of the new and 2 times larger new store!! but we made it through! .... and oh my GAWD when Erin was in Portugal for 2 and a half weeks you were a wreak!!!!

but it just kind of clicked back into place... weird how that is, huh!!!

and wow it seemed like forever to get back into the 140's huh? but it sure felt nice to be able to not be tugging on my work shirts during the Grand open of the new store! Remember when all the executives were at the opening and I just handled it.... even with all the craziness our uber demanding boss!!! I even think underneath her hard exterior she was even happy!!!

I know it was tough when the kids all moved out, but starting to look at things the same way you kicked the booze seemed to be how it all clicked back into place

addiction, sugar and eating all kind of go into the same category

and dang feeling pressured... you took your food every day and people would look at you as

"oh she has it going on, that's why she is so successful"


"why does she bother she is just getting fatter and fatter"

giving up on worrying about what others thought was a good move!!! Karla it was always only about you, not them, never about them. You just made it about them.... that over-thinking thing you always have done.

And going back to Powerhouse... yeah it was hard... you felt like a failure, BUT it was short lived... people were genuinely glad to see you back! Pride kept you away... again over thinking has always been your downfall... and the training cost ... well girl you are so WORTH IT!!!!!!!!! never forget that! Taking care of yourself has no price tag and Scott always supported whatever you wanted to do, he was never begrudging

Yeah April was a tough month, but you lived through it! I know you felt like it wouldn't end and questioned your sanity that you took a vacation right when you restated ... and I know not shouting it from the rooftops that "Karla is back" was hard, but you did it... well for the most part.... but dang girl did you kick some patooty on the cardio that week you were on vacation!!! I think it totally helped!!!

Year 2015 started rough.... you saw a number you thought you would never see.... but on the flip side of that ending 2015 in the 130's was ... so. worth. it!!!!

I know you felt like there was no way back, but again just like you kicked the booze....

it was and has always been just about


I love you Karla, you are too hard on yourself.... you always have been!

chill out, stop over thinking things like you have always been known for and go out there ..... hold your head high, and don't be scared, I will catch you if you fall... always remember that


  1. This is your year! You know how to get healthy and stay healthy: physically mentally and emotionally. Love you.

  2. What a fantastic, brave, honest, helpful exercise.

  3. Karla, you and I have been on this ride a while now. As long as we keep coming back to our blog world, we fight the good fight.


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