Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No pictures, no gifs

good morning
just little ole me
no pictures of food
no silly gif's
nuttin honey... just me
chit chatting

So I have been following a lot of Weight Watcher folks on Instagram
why do they all seem to be in the U.K.?

any whoosle

so many before and after pictures

even when I was at my smallest I didn't feel 100% comfortable as an "after"
I never seemed to be done.... problems much Karla?

Once I got into a groove back in 2010 the losing part was easy.
The maintaining part was the hard stuff

so I have to make a plan
to keep it off this time
so I am not back here blogging when I am 60 about having to lose 25 pounds again

I am not going to freak out, but I am aware this is an issue

I slept HORRIBLE last night
I know poor sleep means increased stress ... or more like inability to deal with stress as well
stress hormone Cortisol
so I listened to my body this morning (after a whooping 4 hours sleep last night)

I had coffee, banana, egg whites and a bagel thin

and didn't try and tough it out until 9AM

would have set me up for failure

meals are packed and prepped
going to be another long work day today
I work 10-8 ... plus the hour commute
Tomorrow is my day off and a much needed rest day

I question the Fitbit app and how it sync's with the Weight Watcher app
Shows I have earned 40 fitness points this week
and I still have 2 more days in my "week"
I weigh in Friday and all numbers start over

I know I am a busy gal but dang!

Sorry no pictures or fun silly gif's
too tired this morning

Have a wonderful day

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  1. Have you read books on weight maintenance? Bloggers seems to like, "Refuse to Regain" and I like, "The Diet Fix". I haven't read "Refuse to Regain", but have read the author's blog and I think both books offer good thoughts on overcoming some of the struggles you articulate.


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