Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Peace out Cub Scout

I am kind of in a before mode 
I have made a promise to myself though 
if I buy it... gotta eat it 
so if I buy a protein bar... figure it out 
freezer is full of WWers taco soup ... figure it out 

but I will 
hubster can eat the sweets ... I have like 14 cans of tuna and 6 cans of re fried beans 
figure it out 
I will only buy food though 
nothing more processed 
but gotta work though what I have 

well this is NOT exactly what I had in mind 
tee hee 
this is more of me daily 
before... ready for work 
after... home and after a 12 hour day 

so food is packed 
meal 1 - Isopure shake with fruit from freezer and coconut almond milk and some chia seeds 
meal 2 - Trader Joe's 80 calorie muffin and 4 oz of cottage cheese 
meal 3 - broccoli cauliflower soup from (freezer) 
meal 4 - turkey pattie with onions and peppers and shirataki noddles (freezer) 
maybe a SF carb-delite yogurt of the way home??? 

lets see how long I can eat out of my cupboards and freezer's 

I am kind of a food hoarder... when I grocery shop I still think I have 2 kids 
that are going to eat eat eat 
but it's just me and da hubster now 
have a great day 
peace out cub scout 

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  1. Karla - I'm right here with you. We will plod through it...don't you give up! I won't either.



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