Monday, March 9, 2015

remembering the rules

I went to an actual meeting!!! and stayed after to talk to the leader...
yeah me! 

I started on Friday... so yesterday I sooooo didn't want to weigh 
Went to breakfast with the hubster 
ate this amazing egg white omelet with enchilada sauce 

had to snag a half slice of his toast 
yes It was counted! 

but at the meeting she made me weigh.... 
so I asked her to black out my weight 
because I knew it would derail me 
so my Friday morning garage weigh in 
is my starting weight 
I liked the leader 
she reminded me that when I was losing in 2010 
I had all these little rules I followed 

like I had to drink a liter of water on the way to work 

I couldn't have just protein and carbs for lunch 
I had to have a vegetable 

sometimes it's the little things that I stumble on 

but if it helped to remind me of things that used to work 
it was a win experience for me!!! 
I look forward to going next Sunday 

 NNN blockade 
No Night Nibbles 

food all packed for a long asp work day 
I work 10-8
Orange Theory at 6:45
I will be tired tonight 
but good tired 


  1. I will always believe in WW as a whole. It's sensible eating and doesn't follow fads. I might go back to maintain once I'm at goal.

  2. Love the look of that broccoli - but best to stay away from cake and any processed foods.

    All the best Jan

  3. That is a very long day at work Karla, hope it went by quickly!

    I haven't done WW since the 80's but think ti's a great program. I know you'll be successful on it.

    Looks like a very nice breakfast out and that broccoli does look good!


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