Saturday, March 7, 2015

yesterdays eats

boring ...but holds me accountable

breakfast 4 egg whites on a bagel thin, berries and a banana

snack yogurt and some squash 


this was left over dinner from the other night 
I split it into two meals 
Kirkland turkey burgers with onion, mushroom, peppers
asparagus and Trader Joe's marinara 
and 2 ounces of pasta 

and a few hours later the rest with green beans 
a little ICBIB light and some Parmesan cheese 

and a Sugar free frozen yogurt to finish off the day 

oops almost I had an apple 

good day
no night time nibbles 
no binge
I felt in control 
when I was tired I went to bed 
OMG what a concept!!!! 

tootles bloggity friends 

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