Friday, April 10, 2015

How ya doin?

on the old Weight Watcher points system I am allowed 
22 points a day with 35 weeklies 
yesterday I used 31

that's a lot .... not binge a lot... but too many 

yesterday is over... new day today 

and I still have 14 weeklies left ... weigh in day is Sunday 

I felt myself readying for an all outter binge last night 
so I went to bed 
it worked... 
binge averted 

foods all packed for work 

here's my day's menu 

- protein shake with coffee 
- 2 low fat Eggo's and 4 egg whites 
- Quest bar 
- 4 egg whites and a sandwich thin 
- Greek yogurt 
- green beans with some cottage cheese 
- Carb-d-lite SF frozen yogurt (140 calories) 

22 points used no weeklies 

I feel like uber crap 
sick sick sick 
but I have to go to work.... lots to do 

ahhhh I need to start playing the lottery!!! 

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