Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hey girl

you did good!!!

those first few days you had some tough moments.... scared of failure but you kept going
even those small moments when you went to grab Scott's popcorn... wait!!! Where is the lighter choice one

"girl you are awesome!!! You are so amazing you get you OWN food!!!"

and Kudo's for walking back into Powerhouse!!!.... you were scared and yes they may have been judging you but you kept going by remembering it's not about THEM.... it's about YOU and YOU kick some serious pattootie!!

You remembered how good it felt to take care of YOU

and double kudo's for going back to blogging... again with what worked for you, not so much worrying about what's the "correct" blog post... you got more honest and put it out there

and you felt better... you had some unrealistic expectations.... you were just remembering how good it felt to feel good and were wanting the peace you felt with that... but you remembered you had to be patient and you got there

I am here for you girl, always have been

and don't dismiss those that support you, or try to... they don't always have an agenda... trust has always been hard for you... lighten up and open up a little.... it is scary but you can do it

Love ya and go out and be awesome!!!!


  1. YES! You are awesome. Have a great day. :)

  2. Yep. Awesome just about nails it!
    Go girl, and well done for taking time to recognise the GOOD stuff.... no, I mean GREAT stuff!


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