Saturday, April 4, 2015

Zero Tolerance

so tomorrow is my weigh in 
first week on old WWers points 
this is how I dropped my weight in 2010
calories, fat and fiber calculator 
I am using itrackBites app... works like a charm 

the activity points I have been fudging...
but I figure since I am getting in 15,000 steps on a normal day 

2 points a day in activity would be okay 

My food has been very routine, but it is hard to grocery shop with one person on WWers and one that is not and have a lot of variety so routine it is 

Easter won't be a HUGE food challenge... ham and I am taking a HUGE arse salad 
I am sort of the salad Queen 

so any whoosle 

whats weird... I have NOT struggled this week 
no food binge cravings 
food sobriety boo yah 

but I understand every day I have to be diligent
the food monster... 
and I have to have a NO MATTER WHAT frame of mind 
taken from a website ... duh... 
when I read this I am thinking... food/alcohol 

1. How to make a “zero tolerance” policy with yourself about not taking any mood or mind altering substances.

The “zero tolerance policy” is a condition that you place on yourself that says “no matter what.”
It basically reads as such: “I will not use drugs or alcohol today no matter what.”
Most people have no problem focusing on the idea of “not using drugs or alcohol.” What they often fail to realize is that the important part of this strategy is the no matter what part.
When you first get clean and sober, maintaining abstinence needs to become your number one priority in life. You have to set it above all other things, even above things such as family, love, relationships, religion, and so on. Everything gets bumped a notch down as your new, most important mission in life is to “not use drugs or alcohol today no matter what.”
This is the first action step of any long term recovery plan. The commitment to abstain, no matter what. It is more important than everything else. Period.
Why does this need to be learned?
Failure to grasp the idea of the zero tolerance policy results in relapse. If you do not commit absolutely, then you will most certainly relapse.
But the idea of having a zero tolerance policy towards relapse does much more than just prevent relapse. It actually changes how we live our lives, because each day, we completely write off the potential for using drugs or alcohol. This fierce commitment to abstinence frees up a lot of time and mental energy that might otherwise be spent needlessly obsessing on things. The quality of our life improves because we become more focused on positive action, simply because we do not have to hem and haw over whether we might take a drink or a drug that day.
It is not about raw willpower. We all know that willpower is typically not enough to overcome a real addiction. This is more about reprogramming your mind in early recovery. The thought of relapse should become like poison to you. The idea of taking a swig of alcohol should be like touching a hot stove. If you are not at that point, then something needs to change. 

so ZERO tolerance and reprogramming my mind 
this is my lifestyle 
this is me 
I cannot go whack a doodle 
control my stress 
not get too tired, too upset... 
can't remember all the triggers... 
I will surely find them in my readings

have an awesome day  

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  1. I'm looking forward to you posting your weigh in numbers. Accountability!! Yay!


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